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Curtis has been credited for creating a type of genre called "slop 'n' soul", which is a blend of Soul & Rock. Curtis Harding, the son of a gospel singer, has been on the rise since his debut album "Soul Power"exploded on to the scene in 2014. When he's not mesmerizing audiences around the globe, you can catch him at home in the ATL, jamming in his side band Night Sun with Black Lips member Cole Alexander. Before "Soul power" he wrote and back up sang for Cee Lo Green, and toured around in his rap group Proseed. (You know you've got street cred when you make a cameo in a Trick Daddy Music Video.) Curtis deciding to go solo, was probably one of the best decisions made in the 21 century so far... If you don't agree with us, you can fight us. His funky soulful sound is the perfect soundtrack to be rolling with the top down, ass up and a Temple Jacket. Keep your eyes peeled for a signature jacket we're working on with Curtis, which will coincide with the release of his new album in October of 2017. FYI ITS AMAZING. Scroll through the photos below of Curtis in Temple. #ListenToCurtisHarding #WeAreJustIndianaJonesingIt

Curtis Harding concert wearing Temple Authentic
Curtis Harding is one of the most iconic artist's out right now

Curtis Harding wears Temple Authentic
Curtis Harding in the Temple Authentic Doberman Jacket

Curtis Harding wears Temple Authentic
Curtis Harding in our Temple Authentic crew neck sweater

Curtis Harding wearing the Temple Authentic jacket photography by Tosh Rice
Beautiful photography by Tosh Rice for Temple Authentic

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