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The Temple Process: Nathan Kostechko

In an era of collabs, joint-ventures, projects, WIPs, limited runs and other collaborative outlets to extrapolate brand creativity and individuality, Temple as a company lives and breathes a creative process through its private labeling.

Temple Authentic embodies its own brand through working with a like-minded array of artists and aspiring small brands who are all out to project their own stories through their work. If it doesn't fit our vibe, it just won't see fruition to its finest potential. And we like it that way.

In our first year we were lucky to be able to work with heaps of rad people to aid in creating their projects. However, as a small brand who sees retail as a cluster-fuck of Net 30 accounts receivable and sales reps we like to keep it authentic and true to those who are in it solely for the purpose of conceiving their ideas into the real thing.

One project in particular that stood out in our first year was working with Echo Park Tattoo Artist and California native, Nathan Kostechko. We approached Nathan at the tail end of 2017 to see if he'd be down to make something unique. When he agreed we knew this had to be a piece that popped and resonated with both his and our style of imagery. A style you can see in the art he needles onto skin as his canvas, which could translate easily like thread through a needle in embroidery.

Working with Nathan was rad, and exactly what we look for when we agree to visualize a project with somebody. Evenings at his Echo Park studio while Nate worked on clients we shot the shit about what would look best on one of our Doberman bombers. We decided on a Bird of Paradise embroidery piece, on a Doberman black bull denim bomber, paired with a purple quilted satin interior to really make it pop. The piece was so unique and the process so well orchestrated. Only 5 were made. Take a look.


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