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As a first year brand, we had the honor of being invited to Agenda Show Long Beach 2018. A huge boost for the label, introducing Temple to many new retail partners, distributors & artists. This was our first time attending, and it definitely lived up to the hype. A huge Thank You to the entire Agenda team for everything during & after the show. Incredibly grateful to all of our new accounts, & looking forward to launching the all new Temple Authentic Jacket & soft goods line with everyone. Below is a small recap of some of the moments we captured. Keep an eye out for the new drops and Temple artist collaborations coming soon. We are a small jacket manufacturing label, crafting everything in Southern California. Owned and operated by two brothers out of San Diego. Gth

Our friend, legendary pro skateboarder & owner of Doom Sayers Club Omar Salazar hanging out.

Grey Lockwood of Shaper Studios wearing our green canvas 'Miserlou' jacket, live shaping with Ashton Goggans, Editor in Chief of Stab Magazine.

The homie Luke De-Vigny of Petyr Band stopped by to kick it.

New Temple Cursive Neon sign


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